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( Custom Rom ) নিয়ে নিন…. LAVA IRIS 870 ফোনের জন্য… MIUI Pro 9 .. CUSTOM ROM.

1. assembled on the basis of Chinese weekly firmware (China Dev.)
2. translation languages ​​- Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian
3. own repository of firmware and patches
4. superfluous Chinese applications cut off
5. optimized system resources and power consumption
6. minimum required Google services
7. extended reload menu
8. weather app M8 with extended package of widgets and sources
9. root-right in the drain, integration SuperSu
10. support init.d
11. busybox
12. keyboard Gboard (Google Keyboard) as the main keyboard
13. independent settings
14. advanced desktop settings (on / off shadows, captions, reflection of icons, automatic closing of folders, gestures on the desktop with the ability to select their
own applications for them )
15. time setting to select the SIM-card before making a call
16. an opportunity to select the default photo when they call
17. an opportunity to SEL Dr his image in the default picture
18. type of pruning photo caller
19. the ability to hide \ show search string “My Profile” and “Groups” in the contacts and dialer
20. call recording quality settings
21. flashlight settings for ringing ~
22. advanced settings for network type selection
23. smart mobile network – SmartNET
24. setting up network type when calling
25. setting network type when turning on Wi-Fi
26. connection timers
27. advanced settings for battery indicator
28. fixed notification counter on the icons
29. the ability to turn on / off. sound when connecting and disconnecting the charger
30. the ability to manually select the color of the LED from the palette
31. separate ringer volume and notifications in the pop-up window
32. the ability to turn on / off. screen when connecting / disabling. charger
33. possibility to set the color of the text of the percentages (own, gradient, default)
34. the ability to hide / show icons in the status bar
35. the view of the switch panel when the curtain is opened (in the joint mode)
36. the ability to hide / show the brightness panel in the blind
37. the ability to hide \ show search bar at the curtain
38. disable pop-up message when you select the type of network “3G only”
39. the ability to install your application on hold function keys
40. infinite scrolling desktops
41. inclusion of vibration during unlocking imprint (while some devices)
42. setting the number of switches in the curtain
43. customize the animation of pop-up notifications
44. gestures anywhere on the screen with the ability to assign any actions to them
45. animation and interpolation of lists (visual effects)
46. screen off animation

Bug : None.

Fahad Rahman
Ramim Rashid
Naveed Gull

Rom Link : Click here

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  1. আগের টায় url এর পূর্বে [ দেননি জন্যে লিংক কাজ করেনি

  2. JS Masud JS Masud🔘

    স্ক্রিনশট গুলো আরেকটু ক্লিয়ার হলে ভাই লাগত

  3. Rashadul Islam Shaon Shaon

    iris505 এর নতুন কোন ROM নিয়ে পোস্ট করুন।

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